The Initiative System for

Designed for collecting, maintaining and tracking company asset data, quickly, accurately and cost effectively. The system uses the latest in handheld computer technology combined with a straightforward desktop system, that can be scaled from a single PC to an enterprise wide database.

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Whether you wish to create an inventory of office furniture, record PAT tests for electrical equipment or carry out scheduled equipment maintenance, this system is a simple and effective tool for the job.

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  • Store the entire company's asset database in your pocket.
  • Create an asset register, edit existing data and re-assign assets to new locations on the move.
  • Use asset category templates for quick and easy data collection.
  • Standardise data input and eliminate typing errors.


  • The system uses Barcodes and RFID Tags to speed up the identification process.
  • Your Barcodes can display company logos and additional text on a variety of different types of label.
  • RFID Tags can be read even when hidden from view and survive extreme conditions - ideal for tracking high value goods or identifying items in dirty environments.

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  • The PC system uses the power of the Microsoft Enterprise SQL Database, although this can also be run on a standalone PC.
  • The user interface can be customised to suit particular groups of users and operational procedures.
  • Includes full password control over administration and edit facilities.
  • Useful SCRAP feature allows old records to be kept, whilst being excluded from day to day management reports.

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