The Initiative System for

Provides a simple tool to assess Workplace Standards for a variety of subjects such as Ambience, Environmental, Security, DDA, Housekeeping, Safety Observations, Contractor Performance and much more.

Audit templates can be easily customised and distributed world wide within minutes. By simply comparing reality to an expected standard, the system presents a clear picture of often complex situations at the touch of a button.

Click here to view web system interface


  • Information can be recorded via the web site or on the move using a hand held computer.
  • Our web application enables information to be viewed minutes after being recorded, even if recorded on the opposite side of the world and at no extra cost.
  • The handheld software uses the latest Microsoft .NET environment and can be operated on a variety of Pocket PC's, from personal organisers to rugged industrial mobile computers and some smartphones.

Click here to view data entry via Pocket PC


  • Construct & distribute your own audit / observation templates within minutes.
  • Provides significant time savings over paperwork data collection.
  • Actions generated are automatically tracked until cleared.
  • Clear graphics and reporting tools mean results are easily understood.
  • Increases accuracy of record keeping.

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