The Initiative System for

A complete fault logging and inspection package that uses hand held computers to ensure all items are visited in a pre-defined order. Items are uniquely identified using Auto ID and as each one is inspected, it is removed from the hand held computer's Tour list. Inspection results and any faults recorded will then be transferred to the PC system for further analysis.

The PC system incorporates a help desk feature, where reported faults can be entered directly onto the system. A similar Safety Walk feature is also available on the hand held computer, whereby faults can be recorded as and when found.

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All faults are then tracked by the PC system until officially "cleared" and a Works Order Number has been entered against it.

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  • Items can either be Barcoded or Tagged using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification).
  • RFID Tags are easily read when hidden from view, which is ideal for Fire Doors and Barriers as barcodes could become damaged or painted


  • Saves time significantly over paperwork methods.
  • Guides operators who may be unfamiliar with plant layout, through a pre-defined Tour list.
  • Increases accuracy of record keeping.
  • Operator selects from standard fault types to provide better fault analysis.


  • Both scheduled inspections and general safety walks can be carried out.
  • Faults can be logged via the hand held computer or PC Helpdesk.
  • Tour visit order displayed on the handheld can be easily modified.
  • The main Tour list can be subdivided into any number of SubTours.

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