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A straightforward and easy to use tool for recording RPE maintenance and issue procedures. The system ensures equipment is maintained correctly and wearer fit tests are kept accurate and up to date. The equipment's maintenance history and wearer's fit test status are both checked before issue and the system verifies this is the correct type and size for the selected wearer.

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Details about the issue, e.g. who it was issued to, the date of issue, location, etc., are logged for future reference and the system ensures equipment maintenance is carried out on returning the item after use.

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  • Suitable for BA, respirators and other types of RPE equipment.
  • The RFID Tag provides each piece of RPE with a totally unique identity number.
  • The Tags are very small and can be safely concealed inside the equipment or attached to it using a Tag Carrier.


  • The Wearer Database stores details about each wearer, together with their Fit Test history.
  • The system can hold fit test schedules for more than one type of equipment and will automatically re-schedule the next due Fit Test or import results from the Fit PlusT system.

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  • Manages both personal issue and batch issues.
  • Issue will be prevented if any current maintenance tests have failed or are overdue, or the item has not been returned correctly.
  • Personal issue will be prevented if the Wearer's Fit Test does not correspond with the type of equipment being issued, is currently out of date or the incorrect size has been selected.

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  • Full audit trail of equipment issues and maintenance.
  • Quick and simple to operate.
  • Ensures compliance with statutory legislation.
  • Significant time saving over paperwork methods.
  • Increases accuracy of record keeping.
  • Produces a variety of management reports.

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