The Initiative System for

Enables fleet operators to easily manage faults found on all manner of transport systems, from train rolling stock to buses, boats, tram networks and aeroplanes.

A simple, handheld computer system enables faults to be picked from either a pre-defined fault list or the ten most frequently recorded faults. A pictogram of the vehicle, train carriage or plane is then displayed, which is divided into grids. The exact fault location can then be selected by highlighting one of these grid sections.

Recorded faults are stored against a unique identity and collected data is transferred to the PC system for further analysis. Outstanding faults are then cleared using a simple works order process.


This system was originally developed to provide London Underground Ltd with a fast and reliable tool to record faults found on some 3000 train carriages. After a successful pilot project, the system was scaled up to interface directly with LUL's PPP performance information management system, known as CuPID.

Every defect, from broken lights to grafitti, is noted on the handheld computer and subsequently reported to the trains' depots. Cleared faults are then transferred back to the handheld to carry out a periodic audit of cleared faults.


  • Provides substantial savings over conventional fault management.
  • Accurate analysis of fault information, together with increased fleet management efficiency.
  • Top Ten Fault List speeds up fault logging process.
  • Pictograms enable accurate locating of faults.
  • Several occurrences of same fault can be recorded at different locations.
  • Records both operator identity and date & time of inspection.
  • Faults are cleared by a simple works order process.

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