Over the years, the handheld computer has not only become compact and light but has developed into an extremely powerful tool. Information can be seamlessly exchanged within your organisation whilst on the move, in real time if necessary.

Handheld computers are now easily available and very affordable; no doubt you even have one in your pocket. Most are simply used as a phone but the possibilities for handheld computer technology are endless.

We specialise in developing solutions based on these versatile devices that can undertake virtually any tasks your mobile application may demand of it. The following points provide some general information about handheld computers and their capabilities.


Work Schedules:

Being able to request, receive and update work schedules on the move ensures the right resources are allocated to the most suitable jobs. Timesheets may also be recorded more accurately or parts usage logged more easily whilst out on site.

Track Workforce Movements:

If it is useful to know where your workforce are, vehicle movements can be tracked if required and constantly monitored by an operations control room using hand held technology. This in turn can improve the accuracy of call out billing, ensure additional materials are collected for a specific job or vehicles are re-routed to avoid congestion.

Track Items, Log Faults, Maintain Equipment:

In addition to tracking the movement of parcels, handheld computers can also be usefully employed to log faults, verify equipment is maintained on a regular basis, provide technical guidance or even create maps.

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